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HVAC Installation & Maintenance

GULF COOL can offer a complete service for all sectors. Air conditioning makes a huge difference on the working environment, and it is proven that employers see a high increase in performance levels and production from staff when working in more comfortable temperatures all year round. Previous research has shown that rising temperatures in the workplace causes a decrease in work levels.

Air conditioning is no longer seen as a luxury but more as an essential tool in the workplace, and with the new hyper inverter series,  they are now more energy efficient than ever before and can be used for heating as well as cooling, reducing your energy outgoings 








 Maintenance and Servicing options

GULF COOL offer flexible, comprehensive service and breakdown packages to suit your needs, from annual visits to more regular multi site call outs. As well as offering maintenance and on-going servicing to new cooling and heating systems we have supplied and fitted, we are often asked to maintain and service units that we have not installed, despite the age of the systems, as we have built an excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency throughout the Qatar on wall mounted units, cassette type units, VRF systems, multi split type; central air condition units, deepfreezes, water cooled chiller units and all other varieties. We can unobtrusively, service and maintain all types of cooling and heating systems in all types of environments from office blocks to large industrial units by arriving on site at allocated times that suit the customer. Don't suffer in the heat this summer; it takes just seconds to receive a quote from one of our friendly advisors. We are sure you will be happy with the prices and services.


Designer & Contractor for Ductworks

When your reputation is on the line, you want to be sure that your company’s HVAC ductwork is done right the first time, and that it is also completed on deadline and on budget! You can trust GULF COOL employees every time.

Expert Ductwork- GULF COOL specializes in sheet metal and ductwork fabrication for residential and light commercial applications. So we’ve seen every kind of job, from the large and small, to one-of-a-kind projects and those that are also run-of-the-mill. But the one thing that every job has in common is that it’s the most important job for that day. Every GULF COOL customer is special and our number one priority. The bottom line is that you can trust us to get the job done. Only the Best Materials- GULF COOL ductwork starts with great materials, so we only use steel as per client standards. Our minimum thickness is 24-gauge ductwork to ensure the highest quality of construction, and a much quieter product during operation for your customers. Custom Assembly- We also assembles most fittings for you, letting you get right to work on installation. If you prefer, we can also leave unassembled if that works better for a job.



Heat Recovery

GULF COOL Heat Recovery systems allow excess heat generated in one part of a building to be transferred to other parts of the building where heat is needed. Our Partners have the best energy efficiency ratings in the industry, while maintaining the highest levels of comfort due to the possibility of continuous heating during defrost cycles, quick changeover between heating and cooling modes, and the ability to provide optimum climate control per chosen building zone.











New Installations


Gulf Cool is able to offer a full range of installation services from Commercial to Domestic. We install all types of systems from VRV/VRF to cassette type split systems. We have an experienced professional team of qualified engineers available 24/7 to carry out installations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship with most of our work deriving from repeat business from our database of satisfied customers. We have carried out installation on all types of commercial and retail property from multi site offices and restaurants and clothes stores to household conservatories, bedrooms and even whole house systems. Our engineers are fully qualified and arrive on site in uniform, upholding the image of your company whilst onsite. Installations are carried out swiftly and professionally, and we ensure the areas where we were working are left immaculate on completion.




Wall Mounted split type Air Conditioner Unit

Wall mounted units are commonly used for both domestic use and commercial, from bedrooms and conservatories in the home to multiple offices and server rooms, offering the facility of both cooling and heating on certain models.They incorporate an elegant design combined with compact dimensions and quiet operation. A sleek indoor unit is mounted at high wall level with the outdoor condenser mounted externally. These units are remote control operated. The result is a quiet, high performance cooling and heating system, with advanced electronic controls for maximum comfort, controllable and energy efficient.





Cassette split type Air Conditioner Unit

Installed in the space above a suspended ceiling, Cassette type units are perfect for retail, offices and business use. Operated by portable or fixed remote control units, the compact size of this unit is ideal for 2 by 2 ceilings. Deliver exceptionally high efficiency as well as variable individual unit control for stable and comfortable condition. This guarantees even distribution of cool air from a centrally-located point in the room. Air is distributed around the ceiling first, and then falls gently along the walls. An elegant grill, flush with the suspended ceiling, is pleasing to the eye.





Ceiling/floor mount Air Conditioner Unit

Ceiling type or units combine small size with noise-free operation and high airflow at ceiling level.  This high airflow makes it possible to use the air conditioners in larger offices. Also remote control operated, these units consist of 1 internal unit mounted at high ceiling level along with an external condenser.





VRV and VRF type Air Conditioner Unit

Multiple indoor units of differing styles to be connected to a single outdoor unit. These systems are the most versatile of the multi-split systems as the indoor units may function individually and will heat or cool individually. These systems are widely used in commercial offices. All indoor units can be remote control operated separately.







Gulf Cool,  we also provide ventilation packages from complete turnkey packages to supply only systems Ventilation is essential in the workplace and retails industry providing a constant supply of fresh air with benefits that include:

•    Dilution/Removal of fumes, odor, smoke etc.
•    Reduce the risk of airborne infection
•    Removal of carbon dioxide and water vapor (products of respiration)
•    Providing adequate air movement for a comfortable environment one which is refreshing but not draughty
•    Removal of excess heat





We can provide a ventilation solution to for all your buildings requirements.