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Safety Policy

GULF COOL will maintain a careful loss prevention program aiming to prevent human distress and financial loss. Our Safety program does not introduce any standard lower than International Safety Standards but allows for adaptation to meet local requirements and conditions.

To achieve this objective, we aim to promote a safe working environment by educating and training the workforce to regard safety as important as production, cost and quality of work. Proper facilities and Standards will be provided to assist our people to maintain the safety requirements.

Providing safe working conditions and maintaining continuity of employment is of continual concern. In this regard, it is important that adequate policies and procedures should be developed and adhered to ensure safe, efficient operating conditions, thereby safeguarding employees and facilities. The Company believes that the safety of employees and physical property can best be ensured by a meaningful program.

Therefore we hereby pledge our acceptance that we will strictly implement the loss prevention program, the local government Rules and regulations and our clients Officials, the public and our employees