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Industrial & Commercial Construction


A.    Civil / Structural Construction

We are experienced in construction, erection maintenance and repair (including concrete repair) of buildings and infrastructural system, for residential villas, commercial offices, industrial buildings, such as workshops and warehouses, steel structures and steel storage tanks.

B.    Electrical & Instrumentation Works

Our ability to execute electrical and instrumentation works range from cable laying, cable trays, building substations, electrical works for housing, commercial projects, installation of pumps, motors and controls as well as process instrumentation works in plants

C.    Mechanical Installation (MEP)

GULF COOL can perform various types of Mechanical installations such as erection of plants, equipments, pump and valves.

Various types of projects covering vide applications, such as Residential, Commercial, Industries, Structural, and Electromechanical.

For each of our projects, we normally do most of the items of works ourselves, since we have trained manpower of almost all categories.

(A).    Civil Works


1. Excavation in all types of soils, including dewatering, shoring and sheet piling
2. Backfilling and compaction including testing
3.  Lean and reinforced concrete for various members of structures, such as footings, grade beams, pedestals, columns, grade slabs, slabs, beams, lintels, arches, UG/AG water tanks,  septic/ storage tanks etc.  
4. Block works of all types and thickness
5. Plaster work of all types
6. Flooring and skirting of all types of finishes, such as marble, granite, terrazzo, carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl, vinyl tiles, wood etc
7. Wall tiling and dado works of all types, such as marble, granite, stone cladding (both with cement and mechanical fixing) etc.
8. Doors, windows and partitions of all types such as steel, wooden, and aluminium, roll up doors, sliding doors, gypsum, aluminium and frameless glass partitions etc.
9. Painting work of all types
10. Fabricated and pre-engineered steel structures
11. Fencing and gates
12. Roads and walkways



(B).      Electrical Works



As regards electrical works, the following items of works are generally executed by us, depending on the requirements of the projects:

1)    Supply & installation of Conduits of all types in various sizes:

1.1    PVC

1.2    Rigid PVC

1.3    EMT

1.4    RSC (Coated and Uncoated)

1.5    Flexible

2)    Supply & installation of wiring of various sizes for lighting circuits, power circuits, electrical, and power outlets, switches, equipments, etc.

3)    Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of LV/MV/HV Cables, single-core & multi-core, armored & unarmored, Cu/PVC/PVC, Cu/XPLE/XLPE, Indoor/Outdoor, of various types and in various sizes, in following installations:

3.1    Direct buried cabling

3.2    Direct buried cables in conduits

3.3    Cabling in reinforced duct bank with pvc conduits

3.4    Cabling in non-reinforced duct bank with steel conduits

3.5    Cabling in cable trays with necessary supports with associated manholes and hand-holes and associated pole/surface type cable markers.

4)    Supply & installation of trunking of various types and sizes.

5)    Supply and installation of cable trays of various sizes and types, such as galvanized, aluminium and fiber.

6)    Supply and installation of cable termination/splicing including heat & cold shrink type.

7)  Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Grounding including installation of ground rods, inspection stations, grounding grids and equipment ground conductors.

8)    Supply and installation of Safety Switches / Load centers.

9)    Supply and installation of Low voltage power circuit breakers.

10)   Supply and installation of Medium voltage switchgear components.

11)   Supply and installation of Ground fault protective equipment.

12)   Supply and installation of Disconnect switches of various types and capacities.




13)    Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various types of LV AND MV distribution transformers.

14)   Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of metering switchboards.

15)   Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Switchboards-Lighting & Power.

16)   Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Low and Medium voltage switchgear and motor control centres.

17)   Supply and installation of Combination and non-combination starters.

18)   Supply and installation of lighting contactors.

19)   Supply and installation, testing and commissioning of pumping panels.

20)    Supply and installation of Wiring devices and accessories such as:

20.1   AC switches, single/double pole, three/four way grounded/ungrounded, single/three phase.

20.2   Receptacles such as single/duplex, self-grounding/automatic grounding, duplex GFCI, floor box assemblies, power receptacles.

20.3   Wall plates.

20.4   Dimmer

20.5   Telephone CATV & wall box timers.

20.6   Watertight and Splash proof devices.

20.7   Dimmers and fan speed controls.

20.8   Switch and outlet boxes.

20.9   Weatherproof covers, plates, and boxes.

20.10 Explosion proof devices.


21)    Supply and installation of Lighting Fixtures, such as:

21.1  Fluorescent lighting (recessed, wall brackets, surface commercial).

21.2  Down lighting (Incandescent, fluorescent, H.I.D., low voltage).

21.3  Track lighting

21.4  Emergency lighting (Exit signs, emergency lighting units).

21.5    Outdoor lighting.

21.6    Architectural (Area lighting, Site lighting, Poles).

21.7    Commercial/Industrial (Building mounted, Flood lighting).

21.8    Industrial lighting

21.9    HID – High Bay / Low Bay.

21.10    High abuse lighting.

22)    Supply, installation, testing and Pre-commissioning of D.G. set with enclosure along with all connected works such as conduiting, wiring, cabling, automatic transfer switch, dummy load and fuel storage tank.

23)    Supply, installation, testing and pre-commissioning of DC Power Plant comprising of wet cell batteries with accessories, rectifiers, DC power distribution panel, inverter, and UPS distribution panel.

24)    Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Fire alarm system with panel and accessories.

25)    Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Security system including conduiting/piping wiring, equipments and devices.

26)    Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Communication system including telephone and data cabling and devices.

27)    Supply and installation of Lighting Protection System.

28)    Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Street lighting & cabling.


(C).    Mechanical (MEP) Works

 As regards Mechanical works, the following items of works are generally carried out by us, depending upon the requirements of the projects, including supply, installation, testing and commissioning:

1)    Water supply network including PVC, CPVC & copper pipes and fittings for hot & cold water.

2)    Sanitary drainage network including UPVC pipes and fittings.

3)    Sanitary Fixtures.

4)    Toilet Accessories.

5)    Electrical water heaters (vertical/ horizontal, floor and wall mounted).

6)    Storm water drainages.

7)    Water tanks (On-ground, above ground and underground).

8)    Pumps and controllers.

9)    Fuel tanks and piping.

10)    Water fountain pumps and piping.

11)    Irrigation system comprising of pumps, controller, solenoid valves and piping network.

12)    Fire protection system including fire pumps, piping hose reel assembles and fire extinguishers.